Align Your Strategic Inventory Plan Across The Enterprise

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) ensures all key internal stakeholders across the enterprise can align the near-term inventory plan with their current operating and financial constraints. Manhattan’s S&OP empowers businesses to adjust an inventory plan in one fluid, aggregate motion when resource or financial constraints drive the need for a change.

With S&OP, you can quickly consolidate the organization’s top-down sales and inventory plans with current demand from Demand Forecasting and order forecasts from Replenishment to formulate a single view into the impact of inventory across the enterprise. And, the solution facilitates inventory alignment by allowing key users to manipulate the sales and inventory portions of the plan based on feedback from other areas of the business.

It's Not Just About A Monthly S&OP Meeting

Whether your business has adopted an S&OP practice, the realities of frequent disruptions to the supply chain still exist. Manhattan’s S&OP solution makes zero assumptions about whether the need to alter future inventory plans truly came from an S&OP meeting or not. Regardless of the “why” behind the change, S&OP guarantees constant and automated alignment of senior leaderships objectives with the buying team.

We can help you
  • Monitor alignment of the enterprise’s financial plan with the upcoming demand forecast and projected inventory levels
  • Ensure cross-functional business alignment to achieve a true, single inventory strategy for the enterprise
  • Overlay your near-term operational, logistic, and financial constraints with the inventory buying strategy
  • Reduce avoidable supply chain operational costs
  • Accelerate time to action when macro-level disruptions occur that impact planning and execution
  • Facilitate a best-in-class S&OP process
Features + Functions
  • Consolidate key sales and inventory metrics on a single S&OP Workbench
  • Support rolling 12- to 18-month planning horizons
  • Drill down or zoom out various Product, Location, and Time hierarchical levels
  • Leverage unlimited Product, Location, and Time hierarchies
  • Provide highly graphical reporting and embedded data visualizations
  • Simulate the impact of plan adjustments before you commit
  • Manage the S&OP process at aggregate levels, and then automatically disaggregate to SKU level for consumption by Replenishment
  • Align S&OP decisions seamlessly with Demand Forecasting and Replenishment
  • Provide transparent visibility of S&OP adjustments by the Replenishment and Forecasting teams
  • Leverage Manhattan’s Store Clustering to interact with the S&OP Workbench based on metric-driven location

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