For retailers, planning and constantly monitoring year-over-year store performance is a critical part of running the business. Store planning enables retailers to constantly assess which stores are performing adequately to help achieve the overall corporate objectives established during financial planning. Store planning also becomes a key factor when considering new store openings, store closing, and relocations.

Plan And Monitor Year-Over-Year Store Performance

With Manhattan’s Store Planning solution, your teams can effectively model expected sales and inventory across a diverse store topography. Our solution allows planners to quickly and easily plan based on unique store attributes, ensuring the utmost flexibility to view and manage the business using the metrics and store characteristics that are most important to you.

With Store Planning, new stores can be modeled based on like-store history, considering store opening dates.

Features + Functions
Support planning at any level of the location hierarchy
Define location hierarchies, including district, region, and store
Time-phase plans to determine optimum inventory and receipt flow
Plan new stores even before their exact locations are identified
Pivot and morph worksheet capabilities to help speed the planning process
Include optional attributes to plan based on customer preferences

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers