Case Study

BlueStar improves efficiency with Manhattan SCALE™

BlueStar improves efficiency with Manhattan SCALE™

In the summer of 2018, BlueStar Europe decided to insource their logistics operations, and in 2019 they moved into a brand new distribution center in Eindhoven. Here, the company integrates smart innovations and new technologies that improve efficiency, increase productivity, and minimize onboarding time for new employees.

More efficient in-house

Since 2012, the logistics operation for the EMEA region has been run from a warehouse in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, where orders were processed in cooperation with a logistics partner. “However, we were convinced that this operation could be run more efficiently in-house. And that we could further improve the service to our customers”, says Manel Baranera, EMEA COO at BlueStar Europe.

The new logistic center was required to meet the efficiency objectives and quickly. In under six months, the entire greenfield project had to be operational; from premises, staff and facilities, the logistics set-up, associated processes, and the overall warehouse management system.

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