Case Study

WineWorks meets growing customer demand with Manhattan Associates


WineWorks is New Zealand’s most certified and trusted wine bottler, offering wine bottling services to the country’s leading wineries. As a third-party logistics provider (3PL) with more than 250 customers, WineWorks holds over 15,000 active items across the company’s two warehouses at any one time, so it’s essential that the company can offer its customers complete visibility and control of their inventory, along with the ability to track and record all inventory at every stage of the supply chain process. Manhattan SCALE™ was selected for its flexibility and scalability as well as its ability to seamlessly integrate with the company’s existing operational systems, including its ERP solution. As a result, WineWorks has increased visibility of inventory across the supply chain, advanced tracking capabilities to support New Zealand customs regulations, and improved warehouse efficiency and accuracy.

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