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Via Varejo Selects Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management to Streamline its Vast Supply Chain

First Brazilian Retailer to Convert Warehouse Operations to Cloud Native Solution

ATLANTA, October 07, 2021

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Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced that Via Varejo, Brazil’s largest electronics and furniture retailer, has selected Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management to take its distribution operations to the next level and support its growing omnichannel business. The pilot implementation successfully completed in Q3 2021 in Contagem, MG and its remaining 25 distribution centers are scheduled to complete rollout by the end of next year.

Via Varejo is one of Brazil’s largest retailers with a supply chain that spans across the entire country. With large inventory quantities, DCs and multiple channels to support, the retailer required the most powerful and robust WMS on the market with scalability and flexibility to support its multifaceted omnichannel business comprised of marketplace fulfillment, ecommerce and retail. Each of these channels is of great size and complexity with Via’s 1,000 stores that span across the entire country, a marketplace channel that hosts over 74,000 sellers and an ecommerce business that processes millions of orders a week.

Manhattan Active Warehouse Management is the world’s first cloud-native enterprise-class warehouse management system capable of unifying every aspect of distribution. Crafted entirely from microservices, this solution ushers in a new level of supply chain speed, adaptability and ease of use, and never needs upgrading.

“In selecting our WMS, we needed a robust solution capable of handling a vast and complex omnichannel distribution network. Our supply chain is what differentiates us from our competition and we wanted to be certain that our customers and marketplace sellers continued to have an outstanding customer experience. We look forward to Manhattan Active WM streamlining and optimizing our distribution operations and helping Via quickly adapt to our customers’ constantly evolving needs,” said Fernando Gasparini, executive director of logistics and supply chain.

“We are thrilled that Via Varejo has selected Manhattan Associates to be their technology partner,” said Bob Howell, senior vice president, Americas at Manhattan Associates. “Implementing Manhattan Active WM will undoubtedly set Via far apart from its competition and we look forward to combining the power of Manhattan Active Warehouse Management with this retailer’s ongoing innovation.”

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Via is the largest electronics and furniture retailer in Brazil. In its Casas Bahia and Pontofrio stores, ecommerce and marketplace channels, Via sells more than 4,000 TVs per day and more cell phones per year than the entire population of Portugal.

With over 40,000 employees, the company has been publicly traded since 2013 and is in more than 450 Brazilian municipalities, 20 states and the Federal District. Via has the largest and most digitized logistics network in Brazil, connecting about 1,000 store facilities, 28 distribution centers and delivery hubs, and approximately 97 million customers – offering products, credit, services and solutions developed with the best technology.

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