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Senior Director Peter Schnorbach will answer these questions and more when he unveils key insights from the company’s Warehouse Mobility Study at the Momentum 2015 Power Session.
Northern Safety executives chose SCALE for its functional depth and flexibility, as well as its SAP® certification and seamless integration with Northern Safety’s existing systems.
NDCP’s implementation of Manhattan’s TMS and WMS solutions will aid in the company’s mission to provide its members with the absolute best service at the lowest possible sustainable cost.
With Manhattan’s technology, E.Land World will be able to provide a speedy and consistent fulfillment experience to its customers.
New supply chain capabilities enable Lennox to better serve its customers and support its explosive store growth from 68 to 270 locations.
Placing digital at the heart of the modern retail shopping experience.
To determine this year’s winner, carriers from across the United States voted on a variety of factors related to the performance and efficiency of the shipper.
Giant Tiger is flexing its muscles after deploying Manhattan Associates, Inc.’s.
Cloud deployment on Azure offers enterprises flexibility, scalability and high availability.
Digital selling and omnichannel commerce have transformed the way customers shop and raised the bar for retailers in how they engage with their customers.

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