Focusing on inbound processes is essential to operational success

Outbound logistics end with the customer, so they tend to get more attention. But the inbound side is just as important to build an efficient supply chain. A recent survey of supply chain professionals sheds light on what is lacking and where improvements can make the most impact.

Among the findings:

  • There is significant room for improvement in inbound capabilities
  • Gaining visibility into items in shipments, and when they arrive, is a high priority
  • A unified technology approach, for TMS, WMS and Yard, holds the greatest potential for end-to-end efficiency

As one of the survey respondents said:

“The biggest impediment from my experience is the lack of integration between transportation, warehousing and yard management. If we had a more integrated, non-siloed platform…that would change our world drastically.”

Insights to Improve Inbound Capabilities

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