Manhattan Warehouse Management And Transportation Management | Customer Success Story With Goya

Goya Foods is the largest Hispanic-owned food brand company in the United States and its supply chain network consists of 12 distribution centers (DCs), multiple canning and manufacturing facilities, and manufacturing and distribution specialty centers spread across Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, U.S. and Spain. Hear from Rakesh Raj about how Manhattan helped Goya navigate supply chain disruption and better serve its customers.


Goya’s legacy technology was architected to handle pre-pandemic supply chain needs and was not ready for what customer demand would look like during and post-pandemic. The shopping methods customers were using to purchase groceries and the number of product purchases per order increased dramatically during the pandemic.


Having Manhattan’s supply chain solutions running simultaneously enabled Goya to synchronize its inbound and outbound processes. Manhattan’s WMS and TMS provides leading-edge technology capabilities and innovation in both cloud and on-premise solutions. It utilizes advanced, proprietary algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize operations.


With Manhattan WMS and TMS in place, Goya can handle any increase in demand or supply chain disruption that comes its way with optimized capabilities for inbound and outbound distribution and transportation workflows.

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