Virginia ABC toasts a new distribution center with Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management

Virginia ABC, a state-run organization that manages the sale and distribution of spirits, Virginia wine and cordials shipped 6.3 million cases of product, generating $1.4 billion in revenues. Faced with obsolete technology and an outdated distribution center (DC), the organization turned to Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management.


When opening a DC, Virginia ABC wanted to modernize operations and break the constant cycle of testing and upgrading. It also needed to maximize throughput to meet demand.


Cloud native Manhattan Active Warehouse Management (WM) was an ideal choice because it is always current, totally extensible and adds new innovations and capabilities every 90 days without ever needing an upgrade.


Virginia ABC now has end-to-end visibility of every order, which has sparked record throughput, even during peak season. In addition, Manhattan Active WM has helped the supervisors monitor, improve and elevate employee engagement and productivity. Finally Virginia is seamlessly tapping into new functionality every quarter.

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