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Watch this video to learn why today’s complex promotional environment requires a new approach to untangle demand and accurately plan.
Learn why profitably meeting new shopping and fulfillment options require inventory management technology that can dynamically align demand.
Learn how TMS visibility provides better information to enable you to make better decisions that lead to greater efficiency across the supply chain.
Today’s omnichannel experiences require more than just a cash register. Your POS needs to sell, engage and fulfill anywhere.
Look back at Manhattan Exchange Europe 2018.
Find out how retail leaders are using advanced data science and machine learning technology for more accurate promotional planning and demand forecasting.
More retailers are trusting an adaptive, resilient cloud-based point of sale to deliver the omnichannel experiences customers expect.
Find out how technology leaders are using advanced data science and machine learning to master today’s complex demand and promotional planning.
See why omnichannel leaders are implementing simultaneous wave and waveless fulfillment in warehouses to transform their supply chains.

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