• Improve efficiencies and gain new agility and market access
  • Achieve a measurable return on your software product investments
  • Ensure your organization is ready at the executive and management level, and at the user level
  • Facilitate effective supply chain change within your organization using Manhattan's Six Stage Change Process
  • Executives, managers and trainers all benefit from new, advanced leadership skills that address the unique needs for change at all levels of your organization

Organizational Change Management Capabilities

Manhattan Change Management Methodology

Supply chain system changes can impact a significant amount of employees across many roles in your organization. Use Manhattan Change Management Methodology to build a comprehensive change management strategy, including stakeholder identification and analysis, resistance management planning, and a communication strategy across the organization to build awareness and confidence for change at every level.

Process Ready™

Supply chain systems changes can impact a significant range and number of processes across the departments and functions. Use MA Process Ready™ to facilitate, align and remediate your processes with the system being designed, to uncover gaps and build structural, motivation and skill-building solutions targeted to ultimately create high-functioning streamlined processes that support your business.


End user adoption is the largest leading indicator of system implementation success. Ensure your users are ready for their new roles through validated, repeatable online or classroom end user training customized to your processes and system flows.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers