• Dramatically improve efficiencies and reduce training costs across your organization
  • Reduce effort, cost to create & maintain training content with object recognition and harmonized e-learning
  • Improve end user experience through streamlined, robust blended learning objects
  • Streamline production of documentation and training materials, ensure ‘just-what-is-needed’ role-based delivery of materials, and measure end user readiness

Training Details:

Fast Track Software to Customize End-User Experience

The best supply chain solution is only as good as its adoption by end users. To ensure that your staff not only learns, but truly adopts your new solutions, we offer Fast Track, the shortest distance between investment and adoption. Fast Track is a highly-customized program that allows your end users to get comfortable with the new software features while we get your supply chain solutions up and running. Fast Track enables you to quickly and accurately capture flows and processes, edit the e-learning content and then publish it on your own learning management system.

  • CAPTURE – Capture approved flows with this intuitive, wizard-based recorder to leverage super-users knowledge.
  • PRODUCER - Record, translate & edit end user training materials and documentation with this efficient authoring tool for application training Useful for e-learning, SOPs, test scripts, design validation simulations, facilitator guides and more.
  • DIRECTOR – Manage the progress and performance of your end users with this learning management system. Deliver the course and manage content development, users, assignments, tasks and resources.

Fast Track Enablement Training

Train your instructional designers, trainers or documentation team to efficiently customize your end-user training materials and produce standard operating materials at the push of a button, using the Fast Track software. We can also work closely with your staff to create a customized software training program resulting in a higher level of end-user acceptance.

End-User Online Training

We provide online training in supply chain domain topics as foundational elements to your customized end-user solutions. The online training helps end-users align to your vision for supply chain transformation by explaining supply chain commerce in an engaging way, in form of game-based, interactive courses that have won numerous industry awards. Current topics include supply chain fundamentals, inventory order management, transportation, distribution center basics, and many others.

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