Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Carefully Manage Inventory Receiving and Transfers

Get timely and precise handling of inbound replenishment receiving and outbound inventory transfers to improve store inventory accuracy with Manhattan Active® Store Inventory & Fulfillment.

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Make Store Inventory Highly Reliable

Store Inventory & Fulfillment

A critical contributor to accurate story inventory is carefully managing the flow of inbound and outbound inventory. Timely and precise handling of these flows is essential to keeping inventory availability data accurate. Manhattan Active Store Inventory strengthens both inbound retail replenishment receiving processes and outbound inventory transfers for improved store inventory accuracy.

Streamlined Retail Replenishment

Manhattan's store inventory management capabilities streamline retail replenishment receiving with the ability to receive store inventory by item, package, case, or load, with support for package level audits, blind receipts, and wrong store receiving. Store associates responsible for receiving are provided detailed guidance about each expected package, including the tracking number, estimated arrival time, carrier, delivery type, origin, and total units in the package. Simplified exception handling for blind receipts, quantity variances, unexpected items, and wrong store alerts associates of anomalies and provides guidance for corrective action.

Configurable Receiving Logic and Workflow

Dynamic inventory availability allows stores to set ample time to unpack and put away products before they are exposed online, reducing short picks or inaccurate product availability data. New styles for the season are configurable to automatically be exposed online after a specific number of days, ensuring in-store assortment remains at optimal levels. Configurable replenishment receiving logic, workflows, and notifications, designed from decades of store inventory management experience, optimize the receiving process for improved efficiency and accuracy.

RFID-Enabled Inventory Receiving

Manhattan's store inventory application automatically applies RFID to read incoming inventory details from RFID tags. RFID expedites the processing of incoming store inventory receipts with unit-level accuracy and validation, allowing new inventory to be quickly added to a retailer's store and enterprise inventory views. 

Optimized Inventory Transfers

Inventory can flow in and out of stores outside the regular inventory receiving flow or sales process. End-of-season merchandise for return to the distribution center, rebalancing of stock across stores, ad-hoc requests, damaged items, return to vendor, and more must be cared for with precision to ensure high-accuracy inventory data.

Guided workflows assist store teams in processing inventory transfers, which helps maintain accurate inventory. These workflows make handling transfer orders, packing items, and managing tasks easy. The guided execution of inventory transfers reduces the likelihood of errors or delays.

Store Initiated Replenishment Transfers

As store inventory becomes part of the global inventory for sale across channels, store managers need greater flexibility to quickly initiate store replenishment to meet rising inventory demands. Manhattan supports store-initiated transfers for quick response to low inventory situations, enabling stores to be self-sufficient in managing and creating transfer orders.

Key Takeaways

  • Guided and configurable inventory receiving reduces receiving time and increases receiving accuracy to improve the overall store inventory accuracy.
  • Configurable receiving allows processes to be tailored to each store, ensuring inventory records are updated at the right time to reflect the true inventory status.
  • Inventory transfer capabilities carefully manage the outbound flow of inventory and the inbound flow of ad-hoc receiving of inventory to ensure precise updates of inventory data.

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