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Delight customers by providing exceptional service during in store or curbside order pickups with Manhattan Active® Store Inventory & Fulfillment.

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Transform Store Fulfillment

Store Fulfillment

Store fulfillment is much more than a back-office process. It is also a crucial customer-facing process. The timeliness and accuracy of how stores engage with customers throughout the store pickup experience can mean the difference between a delighted and disappointed customer. Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment includes vital customer service features to enable stores to provide an exceptional store pickup experience.

Guiding Pickup Management

Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment guides store associates through seamlessly managing customer order pickups, including staging, search, customer verification, and signature capture capabilities for proof of delivery. Its native mobile interface allows store associates to manage curbside pickups easily. Two-way text messaging keeps customers constantly connected with pickup status and the ability to communicate with the store throughout the pickup process.

Responsive Exception Handling

Of course, not every pickup goes as planned, but Manhattan prepares customers and store associates to handle changes and exceptions with exceptional service. Customers can initiate last-minute order changes like canceling, extending pickup, changing delivery address, and switching pickup to direct shipping. Store associates get notified in real-time of pickup, shipment, and status changes, and workflows are automatically updated.

Cross-Sells and Up-Sells at Pickup

When Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment is used with Manhattan Active Point of Sale, store associates gain a unified experience across store functions. This unification provides the advantage of enabling store associates to quickly and easily answer questions associated with their pickup, such as the availability of products complementary to the ones included in the pickup. Not only does this allow the store associate to provide helpful service, but it also offers a revenue opportunity for the store to capture a cross-sell.  

Key Takeaways

  • Enables store associates to deliver exceptional service during store pickups.
  • Store associates are guided through all aspects of in-store or curbside pickups to ensure a timely and accurate customer order pickup experience.
  • Customers are kept constantly connected with status via messaging or digital self-service.
  • When changes occur, customers and store associates are equipped with the tools to initiate and manage the change with exceptional service.
  • Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment is part of the same store solutions platform as Manhattan Active Point of Sale, providing a unified store associate experience for all customer-facing store activities. This experience allows for add-on sales at the time of order pickup.

Two-Way Text Messaging Enhances the Store Fulfillment Experience

Make store inventory and fulfillment a differentiating part of your omnichannel experience

Learn how Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment boosts sales, lowers costs, and improves customer satisfaction by using store inventory and store associates to reliably fulfill customer orders.

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