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Profit Analyzer/Bid Response®

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"Manhattan’s Profit Analyzer is one of the most significant software implementations that we have ever done."

John Culp

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Maverick Transportation

Assess the long-term value of each shipper, each lane, and each shipment in your network and respond to bids quickly.

Features + Functions

  • Provide a P&L statement for every customer, every lane, and every customer lane
  • Identify the best and worst customers, lanes, and regions in your network
  • Target problem areas with poor utilization and extensive dwell and wait times
  • Analyze the key factors affecting profitability utilizing a modern web-based Windows environment
  • Include a bid response and repository tool to more efficiently respond to shipper bids utilizing current profitability metrics

Epes Transport Boosts Profits Via Data-Powered Decision Making

Epes Transport leverages Manhattan Profit Analyzer for data-driven decisions, boosting profits. See how strategic insights transform their operations.

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