Freight transportation management is more complex than ever before. Even experienced fleet managers are faced with the challenges of omnichannel demand from almost every point of the supply chain. Customer expectations for faster deliveries are higher, and current market trends indicate they will become even more complex. To meet these demands and minimize risk, transportation fleet managers have to make strategic investments in vehicles and new technology. They also need to improve the levels of efficiency and productivity, reduce their overall transportation cost and remain 100 percent compliant with government legislation. Traditional methods cannot manage today’s sophisticated transportation and logistics operations. To achieve all of these objectives, a new approach is needed.

Advanced Fleet Management Technology

Advanced fleet management technology provides transportation and logistics managers with a comprehensive solution that can drive value across the network and enable collaboration.

Manhattan’s fleet management platform is the industry’s leading solution to help users manage transportation demands by aligning all transportation resources to drive new levels of efficiencies, safety and compliance.

Our solution delivers business process support for both dedicated and private commercial fleet resources across all modes and the entire logistics network. It uses the most advanced machine learning science to recommend routes, drivers and assets, automatically. Now, fleet management leaders can minimize miles while optimizing hours of service, availability, compliance, seniority and service needs.

Key Benefits of the Manhattan Fleet Management Solution

Features + Functions

  • Optimize all assets, including drivers, tractors, and trailers
  • Balance loads across shifts and resources
  • Provide driver support with dispatch and kiosk
  • Support long-haul and store delivery routing needs
  • Ensure compliance with federal regulations
  • Deliver proof-of-delivery visibility

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