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Unified Logistics Control

Unified Logistics Control within Manhattan Active Transportation Management is an intuitive, visual experience for command and control of every rate, route, mode, node, and load.

Unified Logistics Control delivers a completely redesigned planning experience that is intuitive and configurable. It was purposefully designed to ensure faster and easier visualization of the transportation network to help planners work smarter.

The incredibly rich user experience is visual by nature and configurable by design. Large, interactive maps provide a rich canvas to explore order and shipment details, with real-time details available with a click or a tap. Use the intuitive user interface to set up a personalized planning experience by reorganizing visuals and data to match individual user needs. Creation and management of all planning and execution tasks can be accomplished within Unified Logistics Control, at any level of granularity. Shipment visibility is front and center, making changes simple to execute with fewer clicks than ever before.

Searches are fast and convenient, and results are easily filtered for all key performance indicators. Recognize trends faster and execute immediately on findings with Manhattan Active Transportation Management. There is no separation between understanding and action, because unlike traditional ‘control towers’, insight and execution are in the same app.

Unlike traditional ‘control towers’ that present information gathered from legacy supply chain systems in a dashboard, but have no real control over that data, Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions are different. A single, actionable view of the unified supply chain.


  • Visualized visibility, insights and execution in a single workspace
  • Unified, responsive, user experience across every role in the network
  • In-app messaging for quick and easy peer communication
  • Configurable interface panels to personalize planning experience
  • Simple, fast search and filter for all key performance indicator
  • Proactive alerting configurable for changes and exceptions

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