Order Streaming technology, within Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management, takes a more intelligent approach to orchestration logic by constantly ensuring real-time alignment between orders to fulfill available inventory. Manhattan Active WM is also the first and only data-driven warehouse management solution that knows how to learn and adjust orchestration logic in real time to maximize asset utilization.

Wave and Waveless, Simultaneously 

With Order Streaming, operations don’t have to choose between wave and waveless processing, because the system does it all at the same time. That means when a request for a large block of work is submitted, Order Streaming bundles the discrete demands and processes—like a traditional wave—allocating resources to fulfill in bulk. But when a request for an individual, direct-to-consumer order is registered, Order Streaming processes that piece of work immediately, without any dependency on other workflows. The technology can even bundle lower-priority, direct-to-consumer orders within waves to gain efficiency.

With the intelligence and flexibility of Order Streaming, distribution centers can dynamically scale to accommodate any quantity of any type of workflow in real time, simultaneously. Manhattan Active WM helps you maximize throughput and utilization like never before.

Workflow Benefits

  • Automated intelligent order action upon demand receipt
  • Continuous order prioritization
  • Automatic inventory allocation
  • Real-time replenishment calculations
  • "Over-allocate" and leverage remainder for replenishment

Operational Benefits

  • Increase capital utilization and margin protection
  • Eliminate inefficient use of capital such as dedicated automation facilities, "shipping to yourself" and redundant inventories
  • Increase utilization of assets to maximize throughput with minimal workforce
  • Protect fulfillment margins by reducing inefficient or redundant workflow by processing multiple order types
  • Reduce costly service-level upgrades to ensure on-time delivery

With Order Streaming technology, everything works together in complete harmony, with nothing duplicated or separated. Realize the efficiencies of a common pool of inventory, common teams, and common automation—thanks to an uncommon capability.

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