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Vendor Managed Inventory

Create Value While Forging Lasting Business Relationships

Manufacturers and suppliers often don’t have visibility into inventory levels and sales of their products to end customers. They receive orders, they manufacture and plan the supply needed to service those orders, and they fulfill orders.

Therefore, their role in the supply chain is often very reactive. This leaves them with little time or ability to streamline manufacturing and supply planning, optimize the total flow of inventory, and better position themselves strategically to service their customers.


Manhattan’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) reverses the ownership of the in-stock position from the wholesaler and/or retailer to the upstream supplier or manufacturer. VMI grants suppliers access to critical downstream inventory and sales data. This, coupled with Manhattan’s sophisticated demand forecasting and replenishment science, enables suppliers to manage product replenishment and improve in-stock performance on behalf of end customers. Thus, Replenishment as a Service becomes a reality.

We can help you

  • Monitor end customer inventory positions
  • Track and analyze sales activity, providing keen insight into upcoming demand, which can feed into supply planning and/or manufacturing planning processes
  • Provide better order fill rates with reduced overall inventory
  • Improve end customer in-stock performance
  • Lower replenishment costs for retailers and wholesalers (i.e. end customers)
  • Forge closer working relationships with large, strategic customers

Features + Functions

  • Prioritize and orchestrate business process flows through our personalized Daily Agenda
  • Leverage at-a-glance performance metrics and data visualizations to monitor the health of your inventory investment
  • Personalize your Replenishment experience
  • Manage buying team performance and enable metric-based performance improvements

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