A Legacy of Leadership

Since 1990, innovation has been at the heart of everything we do at Manhattan Associates. We live for it. Feed off of it. Obsess over it. Innovation fuels the supply chain and omnichannel commerce technology we make that helps power the world’s best companies. It gives them competitive advantages and growth opportunities. And it has built our reputation with customers, analysts and competitors alike.

Because innovation is a never-ending process, we constantly invest in our pursuit. We’ve put nearly $765 million into research and development since 2009, $98 million in 2021 alone. And 90% of our workforce is directly focused on delivering customer value. We’re committed to developing new, powerful ways to leverage emerging technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning. So change and disruption are met with speed, agility and flexibility.  

Great minds. The most-powerful tools. A single vision: to be the nucleus of innovation transforming consumer experiences. At Manhattan Associates, that’s who we are and that’s what we do.

Virtually anywhere in the world and everywhere you look, you can see Manhattan’s solutions in action.

Our technology connects two billion people to 20 billion consumer choices.

It moves 150,000 pairs of shoes every hour.

300,000 tons of food every day.

And $101 billion in retail pharmaceuticals to help people stay healthy.

Over 8 million miles across four oceans and six continents, we enable, enhance and expand commerce across the globe.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers