Enterprise Cloud Computing Designed for Retail

We understand that your business needs to evolve to adapt to changes in retail, but customer demand is driving a revolutionary shift in how you meet the needs of the market while simultaneously balancing the capabilities of the business. There will be retail winners, but there will also continue to be high-profile casualties that are unwilling or unable to keep up.

Manhattan Active™ Omni optimizes your omnichannel initiatives to maximize every opportunity - while maximizing profits. You can conquer the challenges of higher management costs and static, retail management systems including your legacy point of sale. Only one approach can realize the potential of omnichannel retail: the cloud. With its exponential scalability, always current and microservices functionality, it is indeed made for this environment.

Achieving a holistic, system-wide transformation, where new technologies and processes complement and amplify each other, will elude many retail organizations. That is why choosing partners with the right technical expertise and strategic vision is critical to achieving a truly demand-driven retail model.

Discover how cloud-native, omnichannel systems empower organizations like yours.

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