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The supply chain commerce conference

Momentum 2023

Save the date and join us for the incomparable keynotes, insights and connections.

Momentum 2023, May 22-25, Phoenix, Arizona

Make sure to join us next year in Arizona for the latest industry updates in supply chain commerce. Check back here for news on registrations and another great guest speaker schedule.

Eddie Capel

Momentum 2022

Last year’s conference featured countless unforgettable moments including Manhattan’s technology vision for the future, success stories from DHL and Pacsun, Discovery Center innovations and the Spotlight on Innovation Awards.

2022 Recap

Get a glimpse of the sights and sounds as the Manhattan community came together.

REI and Sustainability

REI, the 2022 Sustainability Award winner, is using Manhattan technology to create a healthier planet.


2022 Woman in Supply Chain

Heather Zenk was our Woman in Supply Chain honoree for spearheading AmerisourceBergen’s COVID response team.

<h2 class="text-align-center"><span style="color:#2c3e50;"><strong>The Discovery Center</strong></span></h2> <p class="text-align-center">Industry leaders in software, services, automation and more offered demos and consultations on how to solve the toughest problems and move supply chain commerce forward.</p>

The Discovery Center

Our Platinum Sponsors

Our Platinum Sponsors

We thank our valued partners for making Momentum 2022 the best event yet. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, then find out more from our Partners page.

<h2 class="text-align-center"><span style="color:#ffffff;"><strong>Recent Momentum Keynotes</strong></span></h2>

Michael Relich

Michael Relich
Co-CEO, PacSun

How the popular retailer connects to Gen Z customers with Manhattan’s solutions.

Markus Voss

Markus Voss
Global CIO and COO of Supply Chain, DHL

Technology’s role in helping the global shipper move toward a carbon-neutral future.

Vincent Boles

Vincent Boles
Major General, US Army

Supply chain insights gained from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and the COVID vaccine development and rollout.

Jon Dorenbos

Jon Dorenbos
Magician, former NFL player

The magic of overcoming hardships with perseverance, positivity and humor.

Adam Steltzner

Adam Steltzner
Chief Engineer, NASA

Lessons learned from the Mars 2020 mission, from remotely managing 6,000+ people to successfully landing a rover more than 200 million miles away.

Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku
Theoretical Physicist and Futurist

A scientifically based journey into what the future might hold and creating a single, grand, unified theory of everything.

Alison Levine

Alison Levine
Arctic Explorer and Boundary Pusher

What leading teams on Mt. Everest and other extreme environments can teach us about culture, camaraderie and success.

Dr Jim Young Kim

Dr Jim Kim Yong,
Co-Founder, Partners in Health

Dr. Kim shares his personal journey from childhood in Korea, immigration to the US and how a conversation between college classmates led to a commitment to pursue social justice through medicine.

Kate Darling

Dr. Kate Darling
Research Specialist, MIT Media Lab

Exploring the emotional connection between humans and lifelike robots and the complicated field of robot ethics.

<h2 class="text-align-center"><span style="color:#2c3e50;"><strong>News from Momentum</strong></span></h2>
Building A Future-ready Supply Chain: The Power Of  Innovation And Unification
Warehouse ManagementBlog

Building A Future-ready Supply Chain: The Power Of Innovation And Unification

After two years of virtual meetings, the greatest minds of the supply chain commerce industry once again met in person at Momentum 2022, Manhattan Associates’ annual user conference held in Florida from May 23-25.
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Blueprint for Agile
Warehouse ManagementPress Release

Manhattan Associates Lays Out the Blueprint for Agile and Sustainable Supply Chain Commerce at Momentum 2022

Agile and Sustainable Supply Chain Commerce at Momentum 2022
Learn More
Heather Zenk
OtherPress Release

Manhattan Associates Recognizes Heather Zenk of AmerisourceBergen as 2022 Outstanding Woman in Supply Chain

Honored for her distinguished career coupled with extraordinary leadership during the pandemic
Learn More