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During this webinar, industry experts discuss the impact on inventory due to omnichannel offerings & areas of consideration when preparing for peak season.
Manhattan Associates recognized as a leader in Nucleus Research’s latest Inventory Optimization (IO) Value Matrix.
Explore emerging trends in the DC to compete in a customer-driven world, including best practices and new operating procedures in fulfillment.
What defines a modern distribution center and how can it scale for e-commerce orders?
Today store associates are using Mobile POS to assist customers anywhere, do product catalog searches, lookup network inventory, line-bust and more.
Learn how Load Analyzer can help CSRs book the most profitable network while maintaining balance.
Learn how leading retailers are satisfying multi-channel shoppers.
Learn how you can do it all easier and faster with Manhattan Associates.
Learn how you can leverage transportation and distribution management technology to achieve a complete supply chain redesign.
ISR's Matt Pillar presses Scott Fenwick and Deliv's Daphne Carmeli on the business case for building a store-based fulfillment strategy.

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