Optimize Placement of New SKUs, Active Picking
An item’s future movement is the single most important factor dictating a SKU’s optimal slotting assignment.
Balance Pick Lines to Avoid Congestion
Long pick lines and labor-intensive processes make it difficult to meet consumer demand.
Optimize Inventory Location
Having inventory in the right place is key to operating efficiently and keeping labor costs low.
Optimize Shipping Costs with Order Minimums
Setting a minimum level of product in each shipment can help reduce the number of shipments and overall costs.
Detect Financial Target Shortfalls or Overages
Knowing when you've exceeded or fallen short of financial targets is key to monitoring financial performance.
Manage Inventory Tasks With Warehouse Mobility
With hundreds-to-thousands of tasks occuring in your warehouse every day, supervisors want the right tools to manage the flow of inventory and fine-tune labor tasks from the floor.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers