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See how Manhattan is transforming unified commerce at Retail’s Big Show from Jan. 14-16, 2024 at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center in New York City.

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Experience the Future of Unified Commerce at Booth 3639

At Manhattan, we are continuing to push supply chain technology forward with solutions that optimize the modern store experience and unify omnichannel fulfillment and supply chain execution.

Come stop by our booth for an in-depth and up-close look at the latest capabilities and features that are working to compose the future of unified commerce.  


January 14 – 16, 2024



Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

655 W 34th St New York NY

New York, New York


Manhattan Booth 3639

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Hear what Manhattan customers are saying about their unified commerce experiences at NRF'24.

NRF Supply Chain 360

Sunday, January 14
All Day and Open to All Retailers

Join us at the NRF Supply Chain 360 Summit as industry experts at Manhattan will be part of the many key speakers who will touch on a few of the big challenges facing the supply chain world, including how to solve disruptions and ever-changing customer behaviors with resilient technology.

This new day-long program promises to bring together retail supply chain professionals and industry experts to share strategies and tactics that will help build a stronger supply chain, so you won’t want to miss it!

Better Visibility, Sustainability, and Profitability

Sunday, January 14 
2:45-3:15 pm

The retail landscape is transforming fast due to changing customer expectations, and retailers need the right technology to meet these demands in real-time. Today’s retailers require flexible, agile solutions that can scale to efficiently manage operations and stay ahead of the fluctuations in consumer demand, macroeconomic pressures, and supply chain uncertainties. To provide consumers with the experience they crave, we must break down the silos that divide selling channels and experiences by having complete visibility into every aspect of supply chain commerce.

Join our session 'Unifying the Retail Supply Chain for Better Visibility, Sustainability, and Profitability' to hear Manhattan experts talk about what retailers need to do to maximize productivity and profitability while remaining sustainable—a requirement for the new-age shopper.

The Future of Commerce

Monday, January 15
11:00 - 11:30 am, Stage 5

With a fast-transforming retail ecosystem, retailers must stay ahead of trends that offer exceptional in-store and digital customer experiences to drive brand loyalty and increase profitability, while also doing their bit toward sustainability. Walk away from this session with a vision for what it takes to deliver outstanding customer experiences across the customer buying journey and learn unified commerce's role in making that experience a reality.

Unifying the Retail Experience

Tuesday, January 16
11:20-11:50 am 

Join us in our session 'Unifying the Retail Experience: Lessons From Customer Experience Leaders' to learn how retailers unify multiple channels in ways that create a compelling, consistent, and personalized experience for their customers. Plus, discover how their unified commerce strategy delivers both profit and growth.

Hear from our panel of retail leaders to understand the elements common to every successful omnichannel business to use as the route to building or reinforcing your roadmap. Learn about the cultural, organizational, and technological barriers to success and how our leaders have overcome them.

See What’s New With Manhattan & Google

Watch the technology partner benefits of Google and Manhattan come to life at Google booth 5606 as we demonstrate the multiple ways of infusing Google Vertex AI with PaLM 2 GenAI capabilities within Manhattan Active® cloud-native solutions to enhance the efficiency and performance of retail store associates, the warehouse workforce, and solution developers.

First, Manhattan will showcase conversational knowledgebases across Manhattan Active solutions that reduce the training and experience required to execute selling, engagement, and fulfillment tasks. Then, see how pairing Manhattan’s all-microservice API architecture and GenAI intelligence brings dynamic solution self-configuration through conversational interactions with the system itself. Finally, learn how the infusion of GenAI code generation capabilities within Manhattan’s low code application platform makes extending and customizing Manhattan Active solutions faster and easier than ever before.

Can’t Miss Booth Experiences


Compose with Manhattan Technology Architecture

The future of commerce is here with the Manhattan Active® Platform thanks to evergreen, extensible, and all microservice API commerce technology that is continuously updated.

At Manhattan’s booth, you’ll get the lay of the land on Manhattan technology—including the low code application platform for developing and extending any Manhattan Active solution with Manhattan ProActive—and Manhattan will introduce game-changing intelligence enhancements such as GenAI-powered knowledgebases and code generation capabilities, all working to make it easier than ever to combine the power of your innovation with ours.


Unify Omnichannel Fulfillment Performance and Supply Chain Execution

Manhattan is unifying its technology to provide more profitable business outcomes for supply chain and omnichannel commerce leaders. This year at NRF, we will unveil Manhattan Active Order Management’s in-app comparative fulfillment performance insights to show retailers how they stack up against their peers with a near real-time dashboard of network-wide fulfillment performance across a wide range of KPIs.

Also, see the power of unifying warehouse, transportation, and yard with the only provider to unify every element of supply chain execution on a modern, cloud-native platform, creating unprecedented fulfillment efficiency, speed, resiliency, and sustainability.


Deliver An Extraordinary Modern Store Experience

Manhattan provides the differentiating, modern technology retailers need to deliver exceptional customer and associate experiences. This year, we introduce an all-new, more intuitive user experience and workflow for the store that ensures cart and customer are always in focus. This new retail experience brings more seamless clienteling integration into selling workflows and faster and more efficient checkout, payment, and customer service workflows. Plus, see how native RFID support in-store inventory and fulfillment brings higher accuracy and more efficient receiving, transfers, and order-picking activities.  

Explore Our Unified Commerce Platform and Enable Your Success With:

Extraordinary Technology

Experience the performance and resilience of a unified commerce solution delivered on a cloud-native, extensible and evergreen platform that is developer-friendly and never requires an upgrade. Ever.

Exemplary Performance

Learn how computational intelligence is changing the opportunity to improve bottom line efficiency and cost as well as growing top line revenue by improving inventory accuracy, promising precision and fulfillment optimization in unified commerce.

Empowering Experiences

See how online, store and contact center commerce, unified into a single app, empowers customers to drive their own shopping and support experiences by combining selling, engagement and fulfillment into a single, intuitive experience for associates.

Meet the Team At NRF'24

See how Manhattan is transforming unified commerce at Retail’s Big Show from Jan. 14-16, 2024. Schedule your meeting today.

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