Epes Transport Boosts Profits Via Data-Powered Decision-Making With Manhattan

Epes Transport, a carrier headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, faced significant decision-making challenges due to inaccurate costing and a lack of detailed profitability metrics. In an industry as dynamic and competitive as transportation, Epes Transport recognized the need for data-driven insights and implemented Manhattan Carrier’s Profit Analyzer, ultimately improving operational efficiency and boosting profitability.

The Challenge

Epes Transport’s previous tools lacked the comprehensive and precise data needed to accurately assess the profitability of their operations and make informed decisions about which freight to accept, decline or modify. Their previous tools did not provide access to critical data like load-specific costs, profitability at a per-mile or per-hour level, and other intricate details that directly impacted their bottom line. Epes decided to restrategize its prior uniform costing approach, where every mile and hour had the same cost, in order to gain the precision needed to optimize profitability in today’s dynamic market.


Located in Greensboro, North Carolina

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Solution Implemented

Manhattan Carrier's Profit Analyzer transformed Epes Transport's costing methodologies, providing extremely accurate cost structures. Profit Analyzer has also empowered Epes with precise operational decision-making down to the shipment level, instilling confidence in their choices and enabling better-informed decisions.

Profit Analyzer

Assess the long-term value of shippers, lanes, and shipments in your network and respond to bids quickly.

The Results

Within two months of implementation, Epes projected an annualized swing in profitability of up to $200,000 from optimized freight selection alone. The tool provided detailed breakdowns of costs, enabling Epes to differentiate between profitable and unprofitable loads and forecast financial impacts proactively. Additionally, metrics like System, Lane, Origin, and Customer Variance enhanced decision-making capabilities. Bid Response further transformed Epes' approach to bid responses, enabling confident rate negotiations and prioritizing profitability. This data-driven approach marked a transformative journey toward operational excellence and continued competitiveness.

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Read more about Epes selection of Manhattan Carrier Profit Analyzer, including solution capabilities that enabled further insights gained, allocation of costs based on precise data, and more.

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