Manhattan Solutions for Consumer Goods

Challenges, Opportunities, and the Right Technology

Recent supply chain pressures in the industry have emphasized the need for more resilient and agile supply chain solutions. Consumer goods companies that can strengthen their operations to manage margin risks, withstand any disruption, fulfill any demand and support any regulation will be able to succeed in the midst of the unpredictable.

Manhattan has warehouse management, transportation management, and direct-to-consumer solutions to help improve your KPIs. From labor, slotting and inventory optimization to customer satisfaction, we can help your supply chain thrive.

Our industry reference guide offers information about how Manhattan technology can:

  • Protect your business against supply and demand volatility
  • Maintain efficiency and productivity with the new labor normal
  • Enhance traceability and transparency to improve supply chain resiliency
  • Adopt and support direct-to-consumer models
  • Manage increasing sustainability demands

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Manhattan Solutions for Consumer Goods

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