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Data Save & Data Stream

Experience the power of comprehensive data replication and robust data management tools with Manhattan Active® solutions Data Save and Data Stream.

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Data Save & Data Stream for Manhattan Active

  All the robustness of near real-time data replication. All the convenience of Manhattan-managed data retention.

Data Save

Data Save is designed for the organization that wants to have the peace of mind that comes with Manhattan managing a historical copy of their data. It is a comprehensive data replication, management, and purging solution that facilitates the transfer of data from a Manhattan Active solution.

Data Save includes a Manhattan-managed MySQL instance, relieving organizations from the complexities of hosting, maintenance, and infrastructure management, including data purging services. Organizations can specify their data retention requirements, and Data Save will manage the purging of historical data accordingly.

Data Save also ensures immediate and accurate replication of production data to the Manhattan-managed MySQL instance. Built to handle varying data volumes, Data Save manages small-scale and enterprise-level data replication needs effortlessly. Advanced encryption and security protocols are in place to ensure the safe transfer and storage of data, preserving its integrity and confidentiality.

Many industry leaders use Data Save to their advantage, depending on the business or retail need. Online retailers use Data Save to maintain transaction records and customer data and can configure how long historical data should be retained. Manufacturers use Data Save to maintain production data, inventory data, and supply chain information, aligning automated data purges with product lifecycles or seasonal demands.

Data Save is an ideal solution for organizations that need both near-real-time data replication and tailored data management. With a Manhattan-managed MySQL instance and customized data purging, it provides a seamless and efficient approach to data replication and retention, ensuring that customer data needs are met with precision and convenience.

Data Stream

Data Stream is designed for the organization that wants to manage its own data and prefers a continuous stream of data. It is a modern data replication solution designed to seamlessly and continuously transfer data from Manhattan Active solutions to customer-managed destinations and includes near-real-time data synchronization and historical data retention.

Data Stream ensures that data is immediately replicated to the customer-managed destination, ensuring timely and accurate data availability. It is engineered to support large volumes of data, including enterprise-level data replication needs. Data Stream also employs advanced encryption and security protocols to transfer data securely, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.

Data Stream does not propagate the purging of historical data. This means that even if outdated production data is purged, the replicated data remains intact at the customer destination, preserving historical records. Organizations have full control over their data, deciding where the data should flow and when and what to purge, allowing for tailored data management strategies.

There are many ways in which Data Stream can be leveraged. Retailers can maintain a comprehensive sales history, enabling trend analysis and inventory management based on historical data. Apparel brands can access a detailed record of past sales and fashion trends that can be analyzed to predict future trends and design collections accordingly.

Data Save & Data Stream

Data Save & Data Stream offers unique and powerful data management options for near real-time replication and retaining historical data, providing data immediacy and longevity that gives customers the best of both worlds in data management.  

Key Takeaways

  • Data Save leverages Manhattan-managed MySQL environment to automatically duplicate and retain operational data.
  • Data Stream provides a continuous flow of data to customer-managed data systems for management and replication.
  • Both Data Save and Data Stream provide seamless access to near real-time operational data.
  • Both Data Save and Data Stream are included with all Manhattan Active solutions.

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