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Embrace new ways of interacting with customers across their buying journey—allowing them to connect and interact on their terms—with Manhattan Customer Engagement.

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Convenience—one of the most significant influences on customer loyalty—is primarily determined by how much effort is expended by the customer when interacting with a retailer. While the concept of "easy to do business with" is not new, retailers should continue to find new ways to interact with customers across their buying journey, allowing customers to connect and interact on their terms, which leads to improved flexibility and customer convenience. 

Manhattan's Engagement capabilities support flexible ways for customers to interact and communicate with a retailer's customer service associates. In addition to visiting a store, calling the contact center, or visiting an ecommerce site with self-service, customers can communicate with a retailer's business via emails, texts, and social requests. Manhattan's customer-facing applications—Point of Sale and Contact Center—incorporate these communications capabilities to facilitate seamless communication between customers and a retailer's stores and contact centers.

As Manhattan's Customer Engagement capabilities are natively linked with Manhattan Active® Order Management, all customer communications, regardless of communication type, are presented side-by-side with the customer's order history. This single view makes it simple and fast for customer service associates to respond to customer inquiries with the appropriate customer and order information, significantly improving efficiency and customer service. 

Furthermore, associates can respond to customers using templates for the communication channel, such as a return text, which automatically populates essential order information, including customer name, order ID, item ID, and more. This automated contextual communication eliminates the need for customer service associates to manually enter order and customer information, further increasing customer service efficiency.

Key Takeaways

  • Provide flexible customer interaction methods to improve customer convenience.
  • Receive inbound emails, texts, and social requests, and respond in the native channel.
  • Significantly increase customer service efficiency with automated contextual communication enabled by communication templates.
  • Enable managed and branded email and text communication between associates and customers.
  • Listen, respond, and engage with customers across social channels.

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