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Bring distribution center precision and efficiency to store fulfillment operations—ensuring stores consistently keep fulfillment promises—with Manhattan Active® Store Inventory & Fulfillment.

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Store Inventory & Fulfillment

The retail store's ability to fulfill orders accurately (the right items at the right time) is a fundamental part of a retailer's omnichannel experience and brand perception. Fulfilling the wrong item, shorting a delivery or pickup, or missing a pickup window degrades the customer experience, putting revenue and customer loyalty at risk. This reality is why Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment brings distribution center precision and efficiency to store fulfillment operations.

Intelligent Order Picking Optimization and Prioritization

Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment intelligently optimizes store order picking to enable stores to reach peak order picking performance. Pick path optimization determines the best pick paths considering store operations, processes, and layouts. Optimization further considers the picking strategies best suited for the store, such as order, batch, team-based picking, and pick-to-slot options. Dynamic picking prioritization ensures store associates always pick the highest priority orders first. Top priority, at-risk orders, and change orders are automatically identified, triggering timely attention and action, including notifying associates of late order changes.

Mobile-Enabled, Guided Order Picking, Packing, Staging, and Shipping

Store associates are guided anywhere in their store using their mobile devices through all the steps to accurately complete picking, packing, staging, and shipping of orders. Detailed instructions, including optimal pick path with precise item location from RFID data, product-specific information, and customer personalization requests, assist store associates in completing their work quickly and accurately. Data from RFID scanners automatically updates the store associate's workflow with product data from picked items. For seamless shipping, integration with leading parcel carriers enables rate shopping, label printing, and easy tracking of parcels directly from Manhattan's store fulfillment application. 

Rich Insights to Improve Performance

To further optimize store fulfillment, store managers can leverage a single pane of glass to take insightful action on real-time store fulfillment KPIs, productivity, and efficiency. This insight helps evaluate store and associate performance and take improvement actions, such as fine-tuning processes and identifying training requirements.

An Industry Fulfillment Insights Dashboard, normalizing fulfillment operation data from hundreds of retailers and millions of orders, helps managers identify optimization improvement opportunities using comparisons to industry peers. Managers can analyze the average time to fulfill, store rejection rates, percentage of converted pickup orders, ship rates by location, average shipments per store per day, and more to identify improvement opportunities. 

Key Takeaways

  • Optimizes the end-to-end store fulfillment process to improve the efficiency and accuracy of fulfilling orders for pickup or delivery.
  • Pick-path optimization tailors order picking to specific of each store to fine-tune store fulfillment processes and improve results.
  • Store associates are guided through all aspects of picking, staging, packing, and shipping to increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Proactive notifications keep store associates on top of at-risk orders and late order changes.
  • Rich store fulfillment insight for stores and associates, and from industry peers, enables managers to refine operations and further optimize store fulfillment processes.

Make store inventory and fulfillment a differentiating part of your omnichannel experience

Learn how Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment boosts sales, lowers costs, and improves customer satisfaction by using store inventory and store associates to reliably fulfill customer orders.

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