Accurate forecasting

Accurate forecasting can be significantly affected by the increasing proliferation of promotions. For demand planners, this makes it difficult to model and predict baseline patterns to determine the demand impact of an individual promotional event. When the volume of overlapping promotions continues to grow, competing promotional demand signals get disheveled and overload the “baseline” demand signal.

Manhattan’s unique approach to promotional modeling unravels concurrent promotional “noise” by using data science and machine learning to resolve the underlying causes with context, capability, and compromise avoidance. Manhattan Demand Forecasting considers promotional and baseline demand observations across all SKUs and all events simultaneously. This approach transforms millions—or even billions—of SKU, promotion, and event combinations from a burden to an advantage for your organization.

Features & Functions

  • Forecast more accurately to reduce the risk of overestimating
  • Gain access to individual SKU performance data for tracking demand to improve future promotions planning and minimize the risk of eroding margins
  • Obtain intelligent marketing feedback within the data for deeper insights into which events have the highest impact on sales

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