Manhattan ProActive™ Low Code Application Platform

Manhattan ProActive is a low code application platform for developers specifically designed to visually extend solutions built on Manhattan Active® platform technology.

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Manhattan ProActive 

The Low Code Application Platform for Manhattan Active.

Make It Your Own 

Extensions are essentially modifications. Extensions are how you configure, change, or replace any feature or function of any Manhattan Active solution.

Whether you need to extend the database or reconfigure a user interface, Manhattan ProActive is the best way to create and manage the personalization of solutions—including Manhattan Active warehouse, transportation, order management, and more—to meet your business goals and needs.

Extend Database, UI, and API 

With Manhattan ProActive, you can create new extensions to personalize any feature or function in Manhattan Active solutions. 

Start with an extensive library of all Manhattan Active Platform documentation and tutorials. Learn deeply with detailed API reference documentation for thousands of endpoints and extension points. And finally, gain knowledge on creating extensions with how-to guides, best practice tips, and coding samples.

Database extensions are as easy as selecting the entity attributes component in Manhattan ProActive and adding a new database attribute or index to the component.

Understand and manage extension types and quickly identify code and deployment status with visual reporting tools and extension dashboards (API extension components are even color-coded). Data logs and samples are available as well to speed development.

Monitor Extensions 

Determine how and when extensions are enabled and visually monitor operational statistics and extension performance.

The extensions dashboard provides one place to schedule and control every attribute of the extension, including the deployment status and performance of the extension. Extension attributes like the number of extension points used, database attributes and indexes, and custom services can all be monitored. 

All extensions are easily accessible from a single dashboard, regardless of whether the extension is customer-developed and managed, Manhattan-developed and managed, or Manhattan-developed and customer-managed.

Even extensions under development are accessible in the dashboard to understand the latest progress on their completion. 

Manage and Migrate Extensions 

Manage extension lifecycles and migrate them between environments. 

Deployment of new extensions can be directed to any organization or business unit in the hierarchy individual or the entirety of all extensions. 

Once deployed, attributes of activated extensions can be monitored, including API extension call volumes and performance, and robust data logging for analysis and review.

The Power to Innovate 

Manhattan ProActive is your gateway to creativity by enabling you to provide your own special sauce to make the world’s best supply chain commerce solutions even better. 

As with every other Manhattan Active solution, Manhattan ProActive receives continuous updates and improvements. Plus, it’s included with every Manhattan Active solution.

Manhattan’s own professional services teams use Manhattan ProActive to create extensions for the world’s leading brands and now you can too.  

Key Takeaways

  • Configure, call, or extend any feature or function with Low Code Application Platform (LCAP).
  • Gain thousands of API endpoints and extension points that enable access to every capability.
  • Get a visual and declarative toolkit to create and manage your extensions quickly and easily.
  • Manage your extension lifecycles and migrate extensions between environments. 
  • Track, provision, and monitor extensions across the supply chain commerce network simply and easily. 

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