Success: Only Ingredients Apart

Discover the ultimate match for inventory accuracy and business success. Introducing the synergistic unification of Manhattan Active® Allocation and Manhattan Active® Order Management—a revolutionary strategy tailored for short lifecycle inventory in an omnichannel world. Experience unmatched flexibility and drive unparalleled customer satisfaction with a solution designed for the dynamic demands of today's retail landscape.

Achieve Alignment

Unified Allocation, Order Management & Store Fulfillment

Empower your business with the unification of Manhattan Active Allocation and Order Management solutions. Gain real-time insights to fulfill orders seamlessly across all channels, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and optimize your inventory for maximum efficiency.

  • React Faster, Sell More with Real Time Visibility
  • Delight Your Customers with Faster Fulfillment
  • Optimize Your Inventory and Reduce Costs


Built for Today’s Omnichannel Retailer

Omni-Fulfillment Insights

Gain direct access to comprehensive fulfillment strategies with data sourced straight from Manhattan Active® Omni, empowering you to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences across all channels.

Channel-Based DC Inventory Segmentation

Achieve precise control over your distribution center inventory with the ability to segment by channel, either computed or defined by the allocator. Fully integrated with Manhattan Active® Omni, this feature ensures optimized inventory distribution tailored to your multi-channel retail strategy.

Customizable Store Allocation Methods

Unlock unparalleled flexibility in shaping your store allocation strategy with configurable need calculations. Tailor your approach to any metric, ensuring precise and efficient inventory distribution tailored to your unique business requirements.

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Behind the Lens: Our Team Crafting the Vision

Dive into the making of our unique video, where Manhattan's production team masterfully showcases the delicious synergy between Manhattan Active Allocation and Manhattan Active Order Management, using the mouthwatering duo of Korean fried chicken and scallion waffles to illustrate our seamless integration.

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