Developer Hub for Manhattan Active®

Developer Hub is your starting point for everything related to learning, exploring, configuring, and customizing Manhattan Active solutions.

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Developer Hub

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Developer Hub is an online knowledge base for accessing every insight into every Manhattan Active solution, helping you get up to speed faster than ever before. Developer Hub has quick start guides, coding, and configuration examples for every application and accompanying tools—such as Data Save & Data Stream—provided with your Manhattan Active solution subscription.

Solution Documentation 

Every piece of documentation for every Manhattan Active solution is available in the Developer Hub environment, with easy access and advanced search capabilities. There, you can learn every aspect of each solution, from creating organizational and user hierarchies to configuring workflows and payment logic. Solution documentation sets include:  

  • Point of Sale 
  • Order Management 
  • Store Inventory & Fulfillment 
  • Customer Service & Engagement0 
  • Allocation 
  • Warehouse Management 
  • Labor Management 
  • Transportation Management 
  • Yard Management  

Microservice API Documentation 

Manhattan Active solutions are composed assemblies of the microservice APIs required to provide a core set of capabilities. In fact, every Manhattan Active solution is composed entirely from microservice APIs. And you have access to every one of those APIs to call, share, and extend as you unify your supply chain commerce ecosystem. Documentation and samples are available for every single API and the many thousands of API endpoints and extension points.

Platform and Cloud Documentation 

Manhattan Active Platform is one of the most advanced cloud-native technology foundations ever created. It is evergreen so it never needs upgrading. It dynamically responds to changes in performance demands, including self-scaling and self-healing. And it runs on Google Cloud Platform, one of the most advanced cloud provider solutions in the world. But Manhattan Active Platform also offers a number of tools and technology resources to help you manage your cloud environments, access your transactional and interactional data, and manage your extensions. And the Developer Hub provides guidance and insight to get you started right away.

The Knowledge to Innovate 

Developer Hub is your starting point to unlocking all the extraordinary capabilities in Manhattan Active solutions. And it also provides a blueprint for how to extend those solutions, using tools like Manhattan ProActive to make them your own.  

Key Takeaways

  • Start easily with an extensive knowledgebase of documentation for configuring and extending every Manhattan Active solution. 
  • Learn deeply with detailed API reference documentation for accessing and extending thousands of endpoints and extension points. 
  • Build and manage extensions quickly with tutorials, how-to guides, best practice tips, and coding samples.

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