If customers can buy or receive items anywhere, they expect to be able to return, exchange, and resolve issues anywhere as well. More and more, those “anywhere and everywhere” options occur within the digital marketplace.

Virtual Assistant Support

With native virtual assistant support technology, Manhattan is helping retailers take advantage of the explosion in conversational commerce. Engagement is now as easy as saying, “Alexa, where’s my order?” Once initial vocal registration and authentication are completed, the consumer may initiate a return, cancel an order, or even request a callback from customer support.

Extensive Self-Service Capabilities

As the way consumers shop evolves, the brands we serve must evolve in kind. Manhattan will continue to help them deliver experiences that go beyond the expected and lock in loyalty and value—providing true management of the customer experience.

Branded Experience

  • Configure look and feel to match any branded digital experience
  • Use templates to quickly apply branding and layout format for emails

Digital Engagement

  • Generate emails directly to the customer for updates like order and shipment confirmation
  • Provide real-time shipment tracking with native support for major carriers like UPS and FedEx


  • Customers can control the post-purchase experience
  • Works with all omnichannel fulfillment methods, including contactless curbside pickup
  • Customers can initiate returns and label printing
  • Customers can extend the store pickup order window
  • Customers can start the exchange process directly

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers

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