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Enhance Checkout With Omnichannel Cart and Promotions and Flexible Payments

Provide a unified checkout experience for mixed purchases, enhanced by omnichannel promotions and flexible payments, including Pay-by-Link, to maximize cart conversion and improve customer convenience with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale.

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Optimize Stores for Omnichannel

Point of Sale

The store checkout process is ripe with opportunity to create an improved customer experience. As stores transform into omnichannel selling hubs, retailers must transform the checkout experience, too. A frictionless and fast checkout process that seamlessly finalizes mixed purchases of items for immediate receipt and items for order fulfillment boosts customer satisfaction and provides opportunities for sales growth. Stores can further boost sales by enabling associates to offer attractive omnichannel promotions at checkout. Flexible payments complete the checkout process, offering customers multiple, convenient ways to pay for their purchases.  

Manhattan Active Point of Sale is natively omnichannel, offering a unified checkout experience for mixed purchases, enhanced by omnichannel promotions and flexible payments, enabling retailers to capitalize on the growth opportunities of omnichannel selling while improving customer convenience.

Omnichannel Cart

Manhattan Active Point of Sale provides Omnicart checkout - a familiar shopping cart paradigm optimized for store omnichannel selling, improving checkout flexibility, and speed. With Omnicart, store associates at cash wraps or on mobile devices can effortlessly initiate and finalize customer checkout for mixed fulfillment shopping carts. Customers buy and pay for items for walk away and order fulfillment (ship to home, ship to store, pick up in another store) for items from alternative inventory sources like other stores or distribution centers in a single, convenient transaction.

Omnicart capabilities guide store associates through setting up each item in the checkout transaction, including the customer's preferred fulfillment method, such as entering and validating ship-to-address or confirming store pickup location. Manhattan Active Point of Sale’s Endless Aisle Selling capabilities work with Omnicart to provide associates with the necessary visibility into inventory data during checkout, allowing store associates to search for and reserve inventory for shipping or pickup. Delivery and pickup promise visibility displays the expected delivery date for ship-to or pickup date for store pickup orders, allowing the customer to confirm these dates. A single, unified checkout transaction with one receipt significantly improves efficiency and customer convenience. 

Accelerating Checkout with Mobile and RFID

Manhattan Active Point of Sale also provides multiple capabilities that enhance the speed and convenience of customer checkout in stores. RFID scanning accelerates the checkout process. Shopping carts can be saved at any time and completed later, providing customers with greater convenience in finalizing their purchases. Of course, checkout convenience is enhanced by allowing customers to checkout anywhere in the store with a store associate using their mobile point of sale.

Omnichannel Promotions

Manhattan Active Point of Sale provides powerful promotions capabilities for store associates to enhance the customer experience during checkout or order pickup. Powered by Manhattan's Enterprise Promotions solution, store associates can present attractive promotions and deals to customers to entice sales and delight shoppers. Enterprise Promotions provides a single system of record for promotions across a retailer's sales channels, including stores, for consistent presentation and usage of promotions. With Enterprise Promotions, retailers can manage the lifecycle of promotions from one system, eliminating the inefficiencies and inconsistencies of managing promotions separately for each sales channel.

Store associates are automatically presented with promotions and offers that leverage the customer's profile and current cart, empowering them to upsell and cross-sell at checkout. To make it easy for store associates to present promotions that entice customers, Manhattan Active Point of Sale provides store associates guidance and messaging as a checkout transaction approaches a promotion threshold to simplify selling to customers. Advance promotion logic supports precisely targeted promotions, including customer eligibility, product qualifications, and deal benefits. Fixed-priced kits, coupons, shipping discounts, payment-type offers, and bounce-back coupons enable retailers to provide creative promotions and offers that increase sales.

Flexible Payments

Manhattan Active Point of Sale offers retailers many payment options to maximize cart conversion and improve customer convenience. With Manhattan Active Point of Sale, store associates can process traditional payments (cash, check, credit card, debit card, gift card, travelers check, store credit) and next-generation methods, including mobile wallets, contactless payments, and alternative payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. With the pay-by-link capability for in-store payments, customers can complete transactions using their personal mobile devices, enhancing convenience, reducing transaction times, and accommodating customer demand for contactless payments. Checkout can occur anywhere in the store, as Manhattan Active Point of Sale supports connecting store associate mobile devices to shared payment terminals throughout the store to authorize and complete customer payments.  

Retailers can accept various currencies as cash payments. Tender franking enables the printing of endorsed checks and other documents with multi-station printers. Furthermore, the exchange tender function allows approved users to accept one tender type and dispense another, enhancing flexibility for cashing gift cards or checks. Gift cards can be sold and reloaded with Manhattan Active Point of Sale. 

Key Takeaways

  • Enhances the store checkout process with capabilities optimized for omnichannel purchases, improving store sales and customer convenience.
  • Omnicart capabilities enable store associates to efficiently check out customers for mixed purchases of items available for immediate receipt, pickup in alternate stores, ship to store, and home delivery. The associate completes checkout for mixed purchases in a unified transaction with a single receipt.
  • Promotions capabilities allow for consistent use of promotions across sales channels, with store associates offering a wide range of promotions at checkout or store pickup based on the customer's immediate purchase and omnichannel history.
  • Flexible payment methods provide customers with convenience and choice, enhancing their overall shopping experience. A frictionless payment process contributes to a positive shopping experience by accelerating checkout times.

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