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Enrich the Customer Journey With Assisted Selling

Empower store associates with fast and easy access to rich product and inventory information to expertly assist customers anywhere in the store with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale Assisted Selling.

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In an increasingly digital world, consumers still see value in the human contact offered by physical stores. Modern store design is increasingly about delivering exceptional customer service that bridges digital and physical experiences. Manhattan Active Point of Sale's Assisted Selling capabilities empower store associates to satisfy shopper needs for product knowledge and advice during their shopping journey. With mobile access to rich product, inventory, and customer information, store associates can expertly assist customers with their purchases anywhere in the store, boosting customer satisfaction and increasing sales conversions.

Consultative Sales Support Anywhere in the Store  

Manhattan's Assisted Selling capabilities enable store associates to provide consultative sales support that personalizes product advice, expanding on the product information customers can get digitally. Store associates searching, browsing, and viewing rich product information on their mobile device can broaden customer accessibility to product discovery, helping inform and inspire customers as they make their purchase decisions. Real-time view of inventory availability in-store, across all stores, and in distribution centers enables associates to guide customers on the best way to fulfill their product needs. Customer profile and history information at the store associate's fingertips empower them to provide customers with personalized product recommendations, including complementary products that create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for retailers.

Seamless Experience from Advice to Conversion

Assisted Selling is a core capability of Manhattan Active Point of Sale, seamlessly interconnected with critical customer-facing store capabilities, including Clienteling, Endless Aisle inventory, and Omnicart checkout. This seamlessness fosters a frictionless shopping experience for customers. Store associates can find product information for customers, check inventory availability, add products to the customer shopping cart, and finalize the customer purchase with payment in a seamless interaction. As a result, customers receive the consultative sales support they desire in the most convenient way possible, creating an inspiring shopping experience that exceeds their expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Empowers store associates to provide expert product advice that improves store sales conversions.
  • Fast access to a rich product catalog, inventory availability, and customer profile and preference equips store associates with the information needed to advise customers expertly.
  • Mobile-assisted selling enables store associates to advise customers anywhere in the store, improving customer convenience and satisfaction.  

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