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Enrich Interactions Through an Omnichannel Customer View

Deliver exceptional customer service that builds better customer relationships by leveraging a fully comprehensive view of the customer profile with Manhattan Customer Engagement.

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Build Better Customer Relationships

Customer Engagement  

Building better customer relationships starts with fully understanding customers. No matter how much effort is invested in refining the buyer journey, transactions sometimes go differently than promised, or customers may need personal assistance before buying. What matters is whether your associates or customers (on their own) can quickly solve an issue or get the information required to satisfy the need. A comprehensive omnichannel view of the customer—complete with preferences, tendencies, transaction history, and more gathered from any interaction channel—is critical to delivering exceptional customer service that builds better customer relationships.

Manhattan’s Customer Engagement capabilities form one view of the customer from transactions and interactions across sales channels to help enhance any customer interaction anywhere. This one view combines customer purchase and transaction history (in-store purchases, orders, returns, exchanges), customer engagement history (interactions, communications, notes), and social conversations about the retailer's brand.

This insight is intrinsically connected across Manhattan Omnichannel Commerce solutions. When potential issues arise or customer assistance is needed, the interaction is put within the context of the customer's complete history. Store Associates using Manhattan Active Point of Sale’s Clienteling capabilities use this rich customer history and insight to personalize customer interactions in the store. Contact center associates access this information through Manhattan’s Contact Center solution to provide elevated customer service.  

Key Takeaways

  • Helps retailers improve customer service through a unified view of the customer's complete omnichannel shopping history.
  • Gathers and presents a combined view of customers' previous customer service interactions and transactions across channels.
  • Provides a side-by-side view of preferences and experiences with customer history to tailor interactions.
  • Applies lifetime spend, purchase tendency, social insights, and more to tailor interactions further.

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