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Personalize Customer Engagement With Clienteling

Enable store associates to become consultative sellers and brand ambassadors, providing personalized customer engagement that creates memorable experiences with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale’s Clienteling.

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Deliver Differentiating Personalized Service in Stores

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Experiential stores, showrooms, and stores with stores are some of the ways retailers are transforming store formats to enhance the customer experience. These new formats go beyond browsing and buying, offering new capabilities and services that create memorable experiences. While stores might deliver some of these capabilities and services digitally, many will be provided by store associates, with the role of the store associate significantly transforming. 

Manhattan Active Point of Sale helps retailers become leaders in personalized service with Clienteling capabilities that enable store associates to foster emotional connections that engage and satisfy customers. Mobile Clienteling capabilities equip store associates with customer information and tools to personalize and enrich customer interactions anywhere in the store, building enduring customer relationships that increase customer loyalty, retention, and spending.

Omnichannel View of the Customer 

Clienteling within Manhattan Active Point of Sale provides an extensive, unified view of the customer gathered from activity in every sales channel and even social media interactions. Customer profiles, purchase histories (orders, returns, exchanges), and engagement histories (communications, notes, appointments, wishlists, lookbooks) are at the store associate's fingertips, ready to use in personalized customer interactions.

A convenient customer dashboard presented in a unified interface with all point of sale functions lets store associates view essential customer information quickly. Associates can view lifetime purchase value and details from customers' historical purchases, returns, and exchanges, along with customer preferences such as preferred shipping method, preferred contact method, preferred store pickup location, preferred contact details, price sensitivity, and essential notes pinned to the customer profile.

The customer dashboard includes an overview of customer purchase patterns, such as the sizes and colors the customer has purchased, to assist store associates in getting a feel for the customer's purchasing profile. Customer purchase history can be refined into detailed product recommendations and presented on the dashboard using complementary third-party recommendation engines. This capability allows store associates to offer proactive recommendations and personalize customer interactions further.

Appointments and Waiting Rooms

Store associates can set up and manage customer meetings using the appointments tool to provide personal attention to customers. Customers gain dedicated time with their preferred store associate for personalized shopping assistance. In addition to in-store sessions, appointments can be used to schedule and manage follow-up via email, phone, or text message.

Digital Workspaces

Digital workspaces enable store associates to work with customers to aggregate items under customer consideration they have yet to decide on. It allows the customer to maintain a temporary space to collect and compare items before adding them to checkout. Suppose the customer is still considering the purchase. In that case, the store associate can send details of the items from the Manhattan Active Point of Sale product catalog, which associates can send by email or text, transfer to a lookbook, or add to the customer's omnichannel wishlist for future engagement. Wishlists allow store associates to track customer's product desires.


Lookbooks are personalized, interactive, digital customer brochures allowing store associates to present and share curated products with customers directly from Manhattan Active Point of Sale. This capability fosters a personalized shopping experience by enabling store associates to understand customer needs better and create tailored suggestions based on customer purchasing history and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Functions in a consistent, unified interface, allowing store associates to create memorable experiences that engage and captivate customers.
  • Positions store associates to become brand ambassadors or sales consultants and orchestrate immersive customer experiences that differentiate the retail brand.
  • Mobile Clienteling allows store associates to provide personalized service anywhere in the store.
  • Fast and clear visibility into a customer's profile, customer history, and preferences helps store associates efficiently personalize customer interactions.
  • Enhances in-store experiences with appointments, digital workspaces, and lookbooks, allowing store associates to tailor in-store engagement to each customer's unique needs.

Looking to offer a more personalized store shopping experiences to your customers?

Explore how Manhattan Active Point of Sale's clienteling capabilities enable store associates to offer personalized store services that create memorable customer experiences.

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