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Drive Sales With Endless Aisle Selling

Sell from global enterprise inventory to save sales in out-of-stock situations and grow sales by offering a wider product assortment with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale’s endless aisle selling capabilities.

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  Endless Aisle Optimizes Stores for Omnichannel 

Point of Sale

Retailers significantly lose when stores are out of a customer's desired item. Revenue is lost. Customer satisfaction declines. But when stores can meet customer needs with inventory beyond the store walls with endless aisles—the outcomes change for the better.

Enabling stores to sell against inventory held in distribution centers, suppliers, and any store location saves the sale by allowing customers to get delivery or alternate store pickup if their preferred item is not immediately available. Selling against global inventory also enables stores to sell a wider assortment of products without the cost of holding stock for every product. Manhattan Active® Point of Sale provides endless aisle selling to continually satisfy customer needs by making it easy for store associates to find and complete orders with inventory anywhere.

Browse, Search, and Filter Global Inventory  

Using Manhattan Active Point of Sale’s Product Catalog, store associates can browse or filter for items from fixed terminals or their mobile device to support customer inquiries anywhere in the store. Store associates can select an item to view item details. They can check real-time inventory availability both in-store and across a retailer's entire network of stores, distribution centers, warehouses, and even in-transit inventory. This capability provides customers with accurate information about product availability to satisfy their immediate wants and desires.

Sell and Check Out Global Inventory 

To better serve customers, store associates can check real-time inventory availability at the current store location and within the network using product attributes such as colors and sizes within a style. Associates can add any available inventory item to a cart and complete a customer order for pickup or delivery. Plus, Manhattan Active Point of Sale's Omnicart capability supports unified baskets of in-store inventory purchases and orders using inventory outside of the store.  

Key Takeaways

  • Manhattan Active Point of Sale's endless aisle selling capabilities reduce lost sales due to out-of-stock inventory and increase customer satisfaction by enabling store associates to satisfy immediate customer needs with access to products held anywhere.
  • Store associates can support customer inventory requests with complete visibility into inventory held across a retailer's inventory network – all stores, distribution centers, suppliers, and more.
  • Associates can reserve global inventory and add to the customer's cart at checkout with a complete setup of the customer's preferred fulfillment method.

Are you maximizing the potential of omnichannel in your stores?

See how Manhattan Active Point of Sale turns stores into omnichannel service hubs that increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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