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Nurture Customer Relationships With Remote Selling

Nurture relationships and sales with customers outside the store using Manhattan Active® Point of Sale’s remote conversation and selling features.

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Engaging with customers is no longer limited to interactions within the store walls. As retailers move from a store purpose of completing transactions to building customer relationships, customer engagement must flow effortlessly and seamlessly beyond the store. Manhattan Active Point of Sale provides easy-to-use capabilities for store associates to connect and engage with customers remotely to nurture relationships outside the store.

Remote Conversations with Customers

With Manhattan’s Point of Sale, store associates can initiate remote conversations with customers via email or text and share information, such as personalized lookbooks. These conversations with customers can expand into sales transactions with Manhattan's remote selling capabilities that enable store associates to complete sales transactions with customers outside the physical store seamlessly. This capability is advantageous when servicing customers who may call the store to purchase hard-to-find items.

Pay-by-Link to Complete Remote Sales

With remote selling, store associates can send a secure pay-by-link request to customers, allowing them to purchase directly through the provided link. This capability eliminates the need for customers to navigate complex and time-consuming payment processes over the phone or disclose sensitive payment information. The secure pay-by-link functionality protects sensitive customer data, building confidence and credibility. Manhattan Active Point of Sale enhances the customer journey and strengthens the customer relationship by providing convenient and secure methods for customer engagement and remote purchases.

Key Takeaways

  • Enables store associates to engage with customers outside the store, providing opportunities to nurture relationships, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty.
  • Store associates can continue customer engagement through email and text and share valuable information, like product lookbooks, to nurture customer relationships and sales.
  • Remote selling allows store associates to close sales with customers outside the store using secure pay-by-link capabilities.

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