Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Streamline Store Inventory Cycle Counting

Optimize inventory cycle counting to significantly improve store inventory accuracy with Manhattan Active® Store Inventory & Fulfillment.

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Make Store Inventory Highly Reliable

Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Store inventory accuracy must be highly reliable if retailers are to offer and sell to customers through any sales channel. However, many retailers need help to achieve the store inventory accuracy and clarity required to deliver a reliable omnichannel customer experience. Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment improves the efficiency and accuracy of store inventory cycle counting, enabling retailers to offer accurate store inventory for sale across the business.

Manhattan's Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment manages inventory tracking with increased precision and efficiency. From cycle counting and adjustments to handling inventory exceptions and conducting audits, stores can consistently maintain accurate inventory records. Inventory accuracy rises through capabilities such as streamlined cycle counts executed with greater frequency, automated inventory tracking through RFID, and frequent inventory support audits that quickly identify and rectify discrepancies.

Mobile-Enabled, Guided Cycle Counting

The inventory cycle counting capabilities of Manhattan's store fulfillment application guide store associates and managers on their mobile devices through executing, reviewing, submitting, and approving cycle counts easily and quickly, which enables stores to perform cycle counts more frequently. 

Dynamic Exception Management

Dynamic exception management ensures store personnel can identify inventory in error and adjust immediately after validating units in the store. Adjustment processes accurately track damaged units, remove them from sellable stock, and capture which units are on display, loan, and more.

Distribution Center Accuracy With RFID

Store inventory management reaches distribution center inventory accuracy with the use of RFID. Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment RFID support enables inventory item details to be quickly and accurately read from RFID tags and recorded, removing the need for manual, error-prone counting. Store associates can move around the store using RFID scanners and automatically record counts. With more efficient and effective inventory receiving and store counts, inventory accuracy rises and becomes highly reliable.

Whether updating quantities, correcting item details, or resolving discrepancies, Manhattan's store inventory management capabilities equip store teams to manage perpetual store inventory efficiently and effectively with reliable accuracy.  

Key Takeaways

  • Optimizes store inventory management processes to improve store inventory availability accuracy.
  • Guides store teams through all the required processes and steps to accurately track, count, and audit store inventory.
  • Carefully manages exceptions and adjustments to reflect the precise disposition of all store inventory in global inventory views.
  • Helps store teams to perform inventory management work more efficiently through optimized workflows and processes, enabling stores to perform vital inventory management tasks more frequently.
  • Gives retailers even greater opportunities for store inventory efficiency and accuracy gains with native use of RFID.  

Make store inventory and fulfillment a differentiating part of your omnichannel experience

Learn how Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment boosts sales, lowers costs, and improves customer satisfaction by using stores and store inventory to reliably fulfill customer orders.

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