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Automate store inventory management and fulfillment processes, providing significant gains in accuracy and efficiency for your store with Manhattan Active® Store Inventory & Fulfillment’s RFID.

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Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Fast and accurate store inventory management and fulfillment are critical foundational capabilities for omnichannel retail. Retailers can meet heightened customer expectations for convenience and immediacy by tapping into in-store inventory to fulfill buy-on-line, pickup in-store (BOPIS), ship-from-store, or same-day delivery orders. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in stores allows retailers to introduce automation into store inventory management and fulfillment processes, providing significant gains in accuracy and efficiency, making omnichannel retail more accurate, reliable, and efficient.

Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment offers the industry’s best support for in-store RFID integration into store inventory management and store fulfillment operations, in any combination of store-wide fixed RFID readers and handheld RFID readers, to help retailers increase store inventory accuracy to nearly 98% and improve the efficiency and reliability of store fulfillment.

Raise Store Inventory Accuracy

Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment uses RFID to make near real-time and highly accurate store inventory visibility a reality. RFID-enabled store inventory management expedites the processing of incoming store inventory receipts with unit-level accuracy and validation, allowing new inventory to be quickly added to a retailer’s store and enterprise inventory views.

Weekly store inventory counts become more efficient and frequent with RFID by reducing the labor and time needed to perform this critical function. RFID technology enables store inventory to be quickly and accurately read from tags and recorded, removing the need for manual, error-prone counting. Store associates can move around the store using RFID scanners and automatically record counts on their mobile devices. With more efficient and effective inventory receiving and store counts, inventory accuracy rises and becomes highly reliable.

With RFID, all store inventory items can be automatically tracked anywhere in the store. Inventory availability information is directly provided to order management and commerce systems to promise in-store pick-up or delivery dates/times accurately.

Accelerate Store Fulfillment

Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment equips the store fulfillment process with RFID to strengthen and accelerate stores' ability to constantly meet customer store pickup and delivery expectations. With RFID-powered store fulfillment, store associates can quickly locate items during order picking, expediting the picking and packing of store orders.

By constantly receiving information from RFID tags through RFID sensors in the store, Manhattan matches inventory electronic product code data with corresponding store location data. This enhanced capability provides store associates with near real-time and highly accurate views of inventory availability at specific locations in the store via their mobile devices. With RFID, order picking for store pickup or shipping is faster and more accurate. RFID also enhances store customer service by making it more efficient and precise for store associates to find products during customer interactions.             

Lower Store Operations Effort

With retail profit margins always under stress, finding new ways to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs is imperative. With RFID technology, Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment helps retailers reduce store operations efforts in many ways.

Unit-level inventory receiving using RFID handheld or overhead scanners achieves high receiving accuracy in a fraction of the time of barcode scanning. This RFID-powered store automation reduces the time associates spend in the back office managing receiving, allowing them to use their valuable time for revenue-generating and customer service activities. 

RFID helps rid stores of the operational burden of time-consuming store inventory cycle counting. RFID-powered inventory cycle counting enables store associates to complete weekly store counts in typically less than 30 minutes.

Key Takeaways

  • RFID-powered store inventory management processes are natively available with Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment, removing the need for additional applications.
  • Accurately tracks store inventory from receipt to sale or transfer with automatic updates to global inventory views. RFID-powered store inventory management increases store inventory accuracy to over 98%.
  • Simplifies resource-intensive store inventory management processes, such as store inventory counts, to execute these processes more frequently and accurately, helping improve overall store inventory accuracy.
  • With RFID-powered store fulfillment, store associates can find and pick the right items faster, thus reducing short picks and enabling stores to meet customer order fulfillment promises reliably.
  • Store operational processes become significantly more efficient with RFID, helping retailers save costs and reduce the risks from labor shortages.

Make store inventory and fulfillment a differentiating part of your omnichannel experience

Learn how Manhattan Active Store Inventory & Fulfillment boosts sales, lowers costs, and improves customer satisfaction by using store inventory and store associates to reliably fulfill customer orders.

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