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John Christner Trucking Aligns for Growth and Efficiency With Manhattan

Customer success story on how John Christner Trucking enhanced trucking operations with more planning, leading to more efficiency, with Manhattan Carrier™.

The Challenge

Like many carriers, John Christner Trucking was challenged with maintaining high customer service levels and keeping drivers and equipment productive while staying compliant with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. JCT was looking for a solution that would get drivers home at the lowest cost, improve driver productivity and equipment utilization while maintaining high customer service levels after transitioning to e-logs from paper-based driver logs.


Several locations across the United States

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Solutions Implemented

Carhartt selected Manhattan Carrier Management and specifically wanted to leverage Manhattan Carrier Driver&Load®, Drop&Swap®, and Load Analyzer/Profit Analyzer solutions to optimize assets, support compliance, and ensure quality customer service.

Carrier Management

Get the most out of your trucking enterprise with Manhattan Carrier, a for-hire, asset-based optimization solution designed to increase utilization, reduce costs, and increase revenue.


Allows you to match drivers to the best possible loads across your network in real time to reduce empty miles, increase equipment utilization, and improve driver satisfaction while adhering to HOS regulations.


Enables you to improve efficiency and prepare for unplanned events by evaluating all potential driver and load combinations to determine optimal swaps and increase network velocity.

Load Analyzer

Enables you to keep your network in balance while maximizing yield.

Progress & Results

John Christner Trucking recovered lost productivity and profitability since the start of e-logs, including reduced deadhead miles, boosted seated truck count by more than 8%, a 1.8% increase in miles driven, and achieved ROI within one month after implementation.

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Read more about how John Christner Trucking improved its capabilities to plan and manage loads on a more automated basis with Manhattan.

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