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Turn your retail contact center into a revenue producer by helping customer service associates deliver exceptional sales support and convert sales with Manhattan Contact Center.

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A contact center can be more than a channel to handle customer inquiries and solve issues. It can be a revenue producer by helping customer service associates deliver exceptional sales support and convert sales. With the proper omnichannel capabilities, contact centers can be as effective a sales channel as stores and ecommerce sites.

Manhattan Contact Center provides robust omnichannel selling capabilities. Associates can capture sales with powerful item search and product information features, including viewing and selling global inventory. Workflows guide users through presenting pricing, promotions, and taxes. Pre-shipment appeasements, such as an instant shipping fee refund, can be offered to drive conversion.

Order finalization includes setting up the customer's preferred delivery method—ship to address, pickup in-store, and ship to store—and processing payment, including providing a convenient 'Pay-by-Link' as a payment option for the customer. With Manhattan Contact Center, retailers can turn their contact centers into profit centers by improving customer service associates' ability to support customer’s product inquiries, converting them into sales opportunities.  

Key Takeaways

  • Manhattan's unified commerce approach enables retailers to offer the same omnichannel selling experience in stores and online through contact centers, turning contact centers into profit centers.
  • Guides associates through finding products, product information, and promotions to share with customers.
  • Views inventory availability across your complete network, including stores.
  • Sets up orders for the customer's preferred delivery method, including store pickup.
  • Offers multiple payment options, including Pay-by-Link.

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