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Expertly Manage Order Changes and Returns

Differentiate your customer service by enabling your retail contact center to quickly and accurately handle the most complex customer inquiries with Manhattan Contact Center.

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Elevate Customer Service

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More complex customer service requests create more opportunities for errors and delays that can leave a negative customer impression. Manhattan Contact Center gives associates the tools and guidance to quickly and accurately solve complex customer inquiries such as late order changes and returns.  

Powerful Order Item Search and Filtering

Manhattan Contact Center's search and filtering capabilities enable contact center associates to find order items quickly in response to customer inquiries. When working with multi-line-item orders, associates can find specific order lines using multiple filters to organize work and accurately manage order modifications.

Order Modifications

With Manhattan Contact Center, contact center associates get clear guidance on available order modifications based on order fulfillment status. This capability allows retailers to offer differentiating service that pushes the boundaries of traditional 'remorse periods' by enabling associates in the contact center to change the customer’s shipping address or cancel orders up until they are packed in the store or at the distribution center. Providing precise guidance and greater flexibility in managing in-flight orders improves customer satisfaction and reduces the need for unnecessary and costly returns and shipments.

Proactive Order Issue Resolution

When order issues surface, contact center associates get real-time notifications with clear guidance on how to solve the problem, such as payment failures or fraud holds. With payment failures, contact center associates are notified and prompted with a case to resolve. The associate can send the customer a pay-by-link via text or email messages for the customer to securely update the required payment information.

Returns and Exchanges Handling

Manhattan Contact Center optimizes how contact center associates manage returns and exchanges. Intuitive workflows reduce return and exchange creation complexity to improve customer associate efficiency, so customers get to a resolution faster. The returns resolution workflow eliminates manual, time-consuming, and error-prone returns processing by automatically generating and sending customers the required information to complete the return or exchange, such as a return shipping label.

In these ways and others, Manhattan helps you deliver consistently excellent service even with the most challenging customer service requests.

Key Takeaways

  • Equips customer service associates with tools to quickly and accurately complex customer inquiries.
  • Increases customer satisfaction when customers get consistently great service across any type of inquiry or change.
  • Edits in-flight customer orders, such as changing shipping addresses or canceling orders, to avoid unnecessary and costly returns and shipments.
  • Filters and organizes multi-line orders to expedite issue resolution.
  • Expedites return and exchange handling with an optimized user interface and workflow.

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