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Upgrade Convenience With Virtual Assistance

Increase customer convenience in managing post-purchase experiences with Manhattan Digital Self-Service’s virtual assistant conversations.

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Give Customers Greater Control Over Post-Purchase Experiences

Digital Self-Service

Today's shoppers readily adopt new technologies that provide convenient experiences by simplifying how they shop and receive customer service. This trend is why Manhattan continuously evaluates adding new customer service technologies, especially in customer self-service, to provide retail customers greater control and convenience in managing their post-purchase journey. 

With Virtual Assistant Support, Manhattan's Digital Self-Service extends to conversational commerce technology. Now, inquiring, changing, or canceling an order is as easy as saying, "Where's my order?" to a virtual assistant. The entire engagement with the customer is managed by Manhattan technology, including initial vocal registration and authentication. Once connected, the customer may initiate a return or even request a callback from a customer support associate.

Key Takeaways

  • Manhattan extends digital self-service to conversational commerce via virtual assistants.
  • Virtual assistance gives customers more choice in how they interact with a retailer, which improves customer convenience.
  • Customers can initiate and manage service requests through virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa.
  • Customers can manage order inquiries, changes, and cancellations through virtual assistant conversations.
  • Manhattan technology initiates, registers, authenticates, and processes the request through the Virtual Assistant.

Want to offer digital self-service to your customers?

Learn how Manhattan’s Digital Self-Service capabilities can satisfy customer demands for greater post-purchase control and convenience.

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