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Offer a frictionless return and exchange experience that satisfies customers while protecting margins by lowering operational costs with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale.

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Optimize Stores for Omnichannel

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Returns and exchanges are typically complicated for customers and costly for retailers. With the volume of returns and exchanges rising, retailers must find ways to create a frictionless return and exchange experience while protecting margins. Manhattan Active Point of Sale simplifies omnichannel returns and store exchanges, providing an opportunity to satisfy customers while protecting margins by lowering costs and converting losses into new purchases.

Manhattan Active Point of Sale guides store associates through efficiently processing customer returns and exchanges for items purchased online, in-store, and via contact center channels simultaneously in the same transaction. Exchanges can be initiated by adding sale items before or after return items.

Store associates may create a return transaction within a cart at any point, providing customers with a seamless and simplified checkout experience. A mixture of items from one or more original orders and standalone items, such as returned items without receipts, may be returned during a transaction. Store associates can validate returns and exchanges by scanning receipt bar codes or RFID tags. When scanning is not possible, associates can search the customer's purchase history and attach the appropriate item transaction record to the return. 

In the event of a refund due to the customer (e.g., return or negative exchange transaction), Manhattan Active Point of Sale automatically tracks original order payment methods. It derives refund payment types appropriately, allowing for either automatic refund to appropriate payment types or manual selection within a list of permitted tender types.

Key Takeaways

  • Simplifies in-store returns and exchanges, reducing the steps needed to process store returns and exchanges, helping reduce operational costs, and improving customer convenience and satisfaction.
  • Store associates can process returns and exchanges for items purchased via any sales channel, enabling an accurate omnichannel returns and exchanges capability.
  • Guided workflows help store associates efficiently navigate all returns and exchanges handling steps, including item validation and refund payments.

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