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Give store associates the mobile freedom to support customers anywhere in the store across all POS functions, including assisted selling, clienteling, and checkout with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale.

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Mobile Point of Sale

A great in-store shopping experience doesn't just occur behind a checkout counter. It can happen anywhere in the store: the store floor, the fitting room, and even the back office. Store teams need access to sales and customer engagement information and tools that provide the freedom to deliver outstanding service from anywhere in the store. With Manhattan Active Point of Sale, that freedom is a reality.

Manhattan Active Point of Sale supports flexible deployments throughout a store on traditional Windows terminals or mobile iOS and Android devices. All form factors use the same intuitive, responsive interface, so your workforce only needs to learn and adopt one user interface, reducing training times and increasing user adoption. Manhattan’s mobile capabilities optimize the interface for mobile usage, including taking full advantage of touch interfaces.

Cashiers, store associates on the floor, associates in the back office, and store management have a consistent experience across all in-store selling, clienteling, assisted selling, inventory management, and store fulfillment tools. Store associates gain fast access to product, customer, and inventory information from their mobile device anywhere in the store to support customer inquiries quickly and conveniently.

Manhattan Active Point of Sale enables customers to pay for in-store items and order items available online at a fixed POS station or anywhere on the floor via an associate’s mobile POS, including taking payment with next-generation payment methods like pay-by-link. With Manhattan’s mobile selling and service capabilities, stores can offer the high-value customer engagement that modern shoppers expect.

Key Takeaways

  • Store associates can access real-time data about customers, products, promotions, and inventory anywhere in the store from their mobile device, enabling them to respond quickly to customer inquiries and make informed recommendations.
  • Complete customer checkout anywhere in the store via a store associate’s mobile device, reducing check out waiting times and improving customer convenience.
  • Consistent user interface across fixed and mobile form factors to improve user adoption and usability. The mobile interface has been designed to work effectively and efficiently on mobile devices, including screen layout and use of touch.
  • Native support for smartphones and tablets and compatibility with Android, iOS, and iPadOS operating systems.
  • With mobile solutions, employees feel more empowered and engaged in their work, which can improve store associate retention and productivity.

Does your point of sale empower your store teams to deliver great experiences?

Discover how store associates and managers are better equipped to provide an exceptional store shopping experience with Manhattan Active Point of Sale.

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