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Equip store associates and managers with an intuitive user experience that unifies and simplifies store sales and service, empowering them to deliver exceptional shopping experiences with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale.

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Point of Sale

Human interaction is the foundation of the in-store shopping experience. Store associates build this foundation with their energy, skills, and knowledge. Empowering them to succeed is essential to creating a differentiating store experience. But doing so means supporting how today's store associates want to work with tools that unify and simplify work. Manhattan Active Point of Sale empowers store associates and managers with an exceptional user experience designed to enable them to provide differentiating services, transforming the retail store shopping experience.

Unified Store Associate Experience

Manhattan Active Point of Sale takes a unified commerce approach, empowering store associates with unified information and tools to support modern omnichannel customer buying journeys. This approach combines all customer-facing and omnichannel store functions and information in a single application with an intuitive, responsive interface consistent across fixed and mobile form factors. It eliminates the common industry situation of store staff having to flip through multiple applications to satisfy customer needs or perform a store operations task. As a result, store associates are rapidly responsive to the modern shopper’s fluid reasons for visiting a store, whether it be product discovery, product purchase, product return, or personalized service.

Manhattan Active Point of Sale is one unified application for everything point of sale – assisted selling, clienteling, returns processing, and omnichannel checkout. Store associates can easily navigate among functions to quickly support any customer need during an interaction. All functions share enterprise product, inventory, and customer data, providing consistent information visibility to store associates and eliminating the error-prone need to enter data as a store associate switches among functions.

The item detail view within Manhattan Active Point of Sale provides a good look into the application's usability. It displays the price, size, color, item description, inventory or expected availability within the store, and availability across the inventory network so associates can quickly answer customer questions. From this one view, associates can take multiple quick actions, including adding to a cart for checkout, setting up an order for alternate store pickup or home delivery, emailing the customer more information, or placing the item in a digital workspace for further customer consideration. With Manhattan Active Point of Sale, unified product, inventory, and customer information coupled with simple and fast access to action enables store associates to deliver remarkable service efficiently.

Automation tools, including RFID, further enhance usability. Manhattan Active Point of Sale enables store associates to scan RFID tags to pull all items into the selling cart or scan items for a return. Customers place items on the checkout counter, the cashier presses a single button on the screen, and the items are imported and ready for checkout. Additionally, unit-level inventory is updated after the transaction is completed.

Store Manager Support

Store associate functional usability and mobile focus also extend to store managers. With easier-to-use store management capabilities, store managers can spend more time assisting customers and supporting associates. Manhattan Active Point of Sale guides store managers through all store opening and closing processes, till management (open, close, and reconcile), bank deposits, and loss prevention/electronic journal. Back office dashboards enable store management to closely monitor store status, such as the number of open, closed, and reconciled tills for that day.

Manhattan Active Point of Sale also enables store and zone managers to easily track or monitor sales and cash flow for the business day through visual dashboards. Analysis can be generated in real-time or on-demand for a specified period, including analysis of sales (summary and by department), bank deposits, overs/shorts, store operations, tenders, tills, and transactions.

Key Takeaways

  • All store sales, service, inventory management, and fulfillment functions, including assisted selling, clienteling, returns processing, and customer check out are accessible through one application, one user experience, and one sign-on.
  • Consistent user interface across fixed and mobile form factors improves user adoption and usability. The mobile interface has been designed to work effectively and efficiently on mobile devices, including screen layout and use of touch.
  • User experience provides for rapid navigation among functions, enabling store associates to handle multiple customer requests in a single inquiry efficiently.
  • Product, inventory, and customer profiles and history are quickly discoverable and easily viewable, including the ability to drill down to additional detail. Dashboards, proactive notifications, and visual workflows with prescriptive guidance enable associates to view and manage work tasks quickly.

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