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Furnish store associates and managers with an intuitive user experience that unifies, simplifies, and accelerates store sales and service, empowering them to deliver exceptional shopping experiences with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale.

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Human interaction is the foundation of the in-store shopping experience. Store associates build this foundation with their energy, skills, and knowledge. Empowering them to succeed is essential to creating a differentiating store experience. But doing so means enabling them to orchestrate the store experiences modern shoppers want expertly and effortlessly. Manhattan Active Point of Sale furnishes store associates with an exceptional user experience designed to empower them to provide differentiating services, transforming the retail store shopping experience.

Unified Store Associate Experience          

Manhattan Active Point of Sale is one unified application for everything point of sale – product catalog, inventory discovery, assisted selling, clienteling, returns processing, omnichannel checkout, and back-office. It takes a unified commerce approach, empowering store associates with unified information and tools to support modern omnichannel customer buying journeys. This approach combines all sales and service functions in a single application with an intuitive, responsive interface consistent across fixed and mobile form factors. It eliminates the common industry situation of store staff having to flip through multiple applications to satisfy customer needs or perform a store operations task. As a result, store associates are rapidly responsive to the modern shopper’s fluid reasons for visiting a store, whether it be product discovery, product purchase, product return, or personalized service.

Intuitive User Interface

With Manhattan Active Point of Sales, store associates can easily navigate among functions to quickly support any customer need during an interaction. All functions share enterprise product, inventory, and customer data, providing consistent information visibility to store associates and eliminating the error-prone need to enter data as a store associate switches among functions.

The application’s intuitive user interface ensures that the customer and cart are always in focus using a split screen that enhances navigation. An intuitive information architecture, guided flows, clarity of icons, and smart micro animations and theming enable associates to perform their work quickly and accurately. The user interface minimizes the need for training. It also promotes rapid user adoption as it follows a user interface that modern store associates are familiar with when they perform self-checkout and ecommerce checkout in their daily lives.

Tailorable User Interface

Retailers can tailor the Manhattan Active Point of Sale user interface to support their unique requirements. The application provides simplified paths to modify the user interface, including re-arrangeable base elements, custom panels with native web components, and navigation extensibility. Retailers can also build their own point-of-sale screens and flows with Manhattan Active Point of Sale’s microservice APIs designed to support headless implementations.

Lightning-Fast Transactions

Manhattan Active Point of Sale employs multiple techniques leveraging devices and the cloud to provide associates with a fast, responsive user experience. Common transactions, such as item and price data, are supported through selective on-device caching. The local device cache then provides the item description and other details. More complex transactions are supported via Manhattan Active® Omni cloud cached data for price checks, promotion evaluation, and tax evaluation with third-party vendors. Detailed analytics measure round-trip transaction performance from a store associate’s perspective to ensure the responsive experience required in modern stores.

Leveraging the Latest Automation

Automation tools, including RFID, further enhance usability. Manhattan Active Point of Sale enables store associates to scan RFID tags to pull all items into the selling cart or scan items for a return. Customers place items on the checkout counter, the cashier presses a single button on the screen, and the items are imported and ready for checkout. Additionally, unit-level inventory is updated after the transaction is completed.

Store Manager Support

The functional usability and mobile focus that store associates enjoy also extend to store managers and lead associates. With easier-to-use store management capabilities, store managers and associates can spend more time assisting customers.

Manhattan Active Point of Sale guides store managers through all store opening and closing processes, till management (open, close, and reconcile), bank deposits, and loss prevention/electronic journal. An optimized start and end-of-day menu and flow closely mirrors the logical sequence of steps users follow while opening and closing the store. By reflecting the real-life sequence, store managers associates can perform tasks more efficiently, minimizing errors and ensuring a smooth start and end to their workday.

Key Takeaways

  • All store sales, service, inventory management, and fulfillment functions, including assisted selling, clienteling, returns processing, and customer check out are accessible through one application, one user experience, and one sign-on.
  • Consistent user interface across fixed and mobile form factors improves user adoption and usability.
  • User experience provides for rapid navigation among functions, enabling store associates to handle multiple customer requests in a single inquiry efficiently.
  • Product, inventory, and customer profiles and history are quickly discoverable and easily viewable, including the ability to drill down to additional detail.
  • User interface can be tailored and extended to support a retailer’s unique user and business requirements.

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